Grant Documents

The following documents extracted from the “Ethical Access to Music Time in Africa” grant proposal provide additional information about the project and its plan for archiving the Leo Sarkisian Library and Archive. The “Ethical Access to Music Time in Africa” project narrative covers the project’s scope, aims, methodologies, and team members. The appendices contain photographs, charts, and documents supplementing the narrative and the project as a whole.

“Ethical Access to Music Time in Africa” Project Narrative

Appendix 1: Works Cited in Narrative

Appendix 2: Leo Sarkisian Fan Mail

Appendix 3: Leo Sarkisian Library at Voice of America and in Transit to Michigan

Appendix 4: Distribution of Scripts and Radio Broadcasts, 1965-1989

Appendix 5: Tape Boxes and Script for Music Time in Africa

Appendix 6: Geographic Distribution of Leo Sarkisian Live Field Recordings

Appendix 7: Examples of Recording and Broadcast Release, Leo Sarkisian Live Recordings, 1964  

Appendix 8a: Memorandum of Understanding

Appendix 8b: Addendum to Memorandum of Understanding

Appendix 9: Timeline and Project Elements