About the People

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The Music Time in Africa project is headed by two faculty members from the University of Michigan, Associate Professor of Information Paul Conway and Professor of Anthropology Kelly Askew. Conway and Askew are substantially supported by MLibrary’s Head of Preservation and Conservation Shannon Zachary, as well as a delivery system designer and graduate students from the School of Information. The Music Time in Africa team meets frequently to share status updates and ensure that the project is running smoothly.

The Music Time in Africa project is also supported by a distinguished Advisory Board, which provides continuing input on all aspects of the project. The eight members who have agreed to serve on the Advisory Board represent the variety of intellectual, technical, and legal issues that are at the heart of the Music Time in Africa project. All members are very distinguished in their respective fields. Each member has agreed to attend two Advisory Board meetings in Ann Arbor in addition to occupying active advisory roles remotely through the course of the grant period.